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Enrol in this online leadership course from Dr Mike Allan, Organisational Psychologist & Leadership Expert

Course summary

Our Transformational Leadership Online course equips you with research proven tools and strategies to lead with trust and integrity, inspire purpose, encourage innovation, and coach people to achieve extraordinary outcomes.

The tools and frameworks used in this course are grounded in over 35 years of independent research on Transformational Leadership.


About the presenter

Dr Mike Allan

Executive Director, Organisational Psychologist

Dr Mike Allan is an Organisational Psychologist and international leadership expert. He has led global transformation programs and teams of over 15,000 staff to achieve extraordinary outcomes. Mike will personally guide you through our Transformational Leadership program by translating research and evidence into practical, impactful, and authentic behaviour.


We have a 30+ year history of helping people and organisations develop

Measured Leadership Qualities (MLQ+) supports leaders, teams, and organisations with the science, tools, and evidence to achieve extraordinary outcomes.

We partner with leading universities and organisations in Australia to train and develop the next generation of Transformational Leaders, Coaches, and HR Practitioners.

Benefits from taking this

Evidence Based Experiential Learning

This course is designed by Leadership Psychologists and leverages research and experiential learning principles. You will be guided through real world exercises to bring to life Transformational Leadership.

Proven Strategies to Improve Performance, Effectiveness, and Satisfaction

Transformational leadership is the world’s most researched and proven leadership style to achieve greater productivity, effectiveness and satisfaction. You will learn to apply the latest research and principles to drive measurable performance and impact within your team and business.

Lead with trust, integrity, and authenticity

Learn to lead through Trust, Integrity, and Authenticity as the research proven foundation for Transformational Leadership and real-world impact. This course will equip you with proven strategies build trust within your team and business.

Inspire purpose and innovation

Transformational leaders inspire purpose. You will learn about models and strategies to communicate, inspire, and lead others to drive change and achieve performance beyond expectation.

Coach and Transform Others

Learn to coach and role model proven leadership behaviours that transform others and achieves greater performance and satisfaction. You will be equipped with proven models to coach and develop


Who is this course ideally for?

This course is designed for emerging and established leaders, coaches, and HR practitioners looking to refine their leadership impact using scientifically proven leadership models and principles. 

By the end of the program, you will develop the skills and behaviours to lead and inspire your team or business to greater levels of performance, effectiveness, and satisfaction.

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Practical, actionable, and evidence-based insights from Dr Mike Allan,
Organisational Psychologist & Leadership Expert

By participating in this course, you will develop the proven skills and behaviours to lead and inspire your team to greater levels of performance, effectiveness, and satisfaction. You will:

  • Gain greater awareness of your core values, impact, and leadership style
  • Learn practical behaviours and skills to lead with trust, authenticity, and integrity
  • Gain tried and tested tools and frameworks to effectively lead others
  • Gain research proven behaviours and skills proven to drive greater team productivity, effectiveness, and satisfaction
  • Create an action plan to hone your skills and become a Transformational Leader
  • Gain 6+ hours of on demand video content and access to leadership tools and resources

What do participants learn
in this transformational
leadership program?


What challenges can this
course help solve?

Course participants will gain proven leadership models, skills, and frameworks to lead and inspire others. By practicing the behaviours and skills discussed in this course, this course can help established or emerging leaders:

  • Navigate team challenges and strengthen team relationships
  • Inspire team purpose and create team alignment
  • Build and develop trust essential for high performing teams
  • Lead with authenticity and integrity to connect with your people
  • Balance management and people leadership priorities when leading others

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Course content

This is a self-paced course designed with adult learning principles and experiential learning activities. The course will involve a mix of leadership content, experiential exercises, and active reflection that will encourage you to understand and practice the proven frameworks and leadership behaviours critical for leading a high performing team. 


Part 1 – The why of leadership

This module introduces you the evidence and business case of leadership. The content will cover why building leadership is essential for team performance, effectiveness, and overall team satisfaction. You will start your journey on understanding your own leadership style through a guided activity and reflection.

  • Understand why leadership is important for people and business performance
  • Describe how Transformational leaders impact team effort, effectiveness, and satisfaction.
  • Start to identify your leadership style and preference

Part 2 – The how of leadership

This module covers the underlying research model and styles for influencing and leading teams. Mike will describe the research proven behaviours that are found to directly drive greater performance, productivity, and satisfaction. You will identify your own leadership style through activities and guided reflection.

  • Identify the different styles of leadership
  • Understand the difference between management and leadership
  • Describe the behaviours and business impact of a Transformational Leader

Part 3 – The what of leadership

This module introduces you to several practical leadership models and frameworks to understand and build the most important foundation for leadership – trust. You will understand why trust and authenticity is critical for leadership and identify your own core values through guided reflections. You will start to practice the behaviours that create trust, authenticity, and integrity through experiential activities.

  • Understand the importance of trust, authenticity, and integrity for leadership
  • Identify your own core values to build authenticity at work
  • Uncover practical and proven behaviours that create trust within your team
  • Experience the impact of trust through experiential activities

Part 4 – Where to from here and action plans

This module focuses on guided reflection and action planning to start applying the leadership behaviours and frameworks introduced so far. You will start to create the foundations for an action plan to practice leading and influencing others in a meaningful, authentic, and practical way.

  • Create an action plan to build trust and authenticity at work
  • Reflect on your leadership journey and create a roadmap for your development

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?

The course is guided by you with unlimited access to course recordings, materials and activities. You will immediately gain access to the course as soon as your payment is processed.

How long do I have access to the course?

You can revisit the course content at any time and on demand.

Who is the course ideally for?

The course is ideally for emerging or established leaders as it has been designed with experiential learning activities that ask you to reflect on your own leadership practice.

Can this course help non-leadership team members?

Absolutely. The leadership models and principles built into this course have been found to be universally applicable and improve individual performance and personal relationships in general. For example, concepts like ‘how to build trust’ don’t just apply to leaders!

What can I expect to achieve by the end of this course?

You will be equipped with the latest transformational leadership tools, research, and strategies to improve your impact on team performance, effectiveness, and satisfaction.  Through experiential exercises, you will gain insight into your own leadership style and behaviours to achieve real world impact.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

As Organisational Psychologists, we greatly value any feedback to help refine our program and your experience. If you’re unhappy with the course, please get in contact directly with our team at

What support do I get through the course?

By enrolling in this course, you will gain support from our team of Organisational Psychologists dedicated to your leadership journey. We are here to answer your questions and provide you with options for further developmental support along the way. For any course or technical issues, email us on